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Welcome to Our Dental Office

Healthy Smile is an Expensive Ornament – We take pleasure in creating and protecting one

Good oral health could be your first step towards taking care of your overall health. Decades ago, oral care had more to do with protecting teeth and gums from infection and less about esthetic aspect of the teeth and gums. the relationship between oral health and overall health was not very well known back then. thanks to the studies and research in the field of dentistry, today we know that taking care of oral health is very essential for good overall health of a person. good oral hygiene habits not only protect you from dental diseases but also improve your quality of life. our dental office in miami, fl is here to help patients improve their oral health through quality dental care and spreading awareness about oral hygiene. we seek contentment in creating and protecting healthy smiles in miami and surrounding communities.

Why Visit Our Office?

According to American Dental Association, a person should visit a implant dentist at least once in 6 months to stay protected from dental problems. these routine dental visits help our dentist to look for dental problems and take preventive steps. we also aim at cultivating healthy oral hygiene habits in families of miami.

Dr. Steven Nadel has over three decades of experience in treating patients of all age groups. The experience in handling a variety of cases, curing different dental problems, addressing esthetic issues and his knowledge in dentistry is what differentiates Dr. Nadel from other dental care providers in Miami. Thanks to his quality treatment, we have been successfully associated with many families from the locality and surrounding communities for several years now. We are proud to say that our patients depend solely on us for their dental care needs.

We have a team of highly-skilled dental hygienists and friendly office staff. Dr. Nadel who leads the team focuses on making patients feel comfortable when they visit our practice. Our office is designed to feel like home. Our friendly staff and caring hygienists make the dental experience a pleasant one.

Come visit our office for a routine dental checkup. it might be the next major step you take towards good overall health.